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The Ethical Framework is intended to guide the practice of counselling and psychotherapy by all members of the BACP. Being ethically mindful and willing to be accountable for the ethical basis of practice are essential requirements of membership of the Association.

The Framework considers Values, Principles and Personal Moral Qualities.

Values of Counselling and Psychotherapy

* Respecting human rights and dignity

* Protecting the safety of clients

* Ensuring the integrity of practitioner-client relationships

* Enhancing the quality of professional knowledge and its application

* Alleviating personal distress and suffering

* Fostering a sense of self that is meaningful to the person(s) concerned

* Increasing personal effectiveness

* Enhancing the quality of relationships between people

* Appreciating the variety of human experience and culture

* Striving for the fair and adequate provision of counselling and psychotherapy services

Ethical Principles of Counselling and Psychotherapy

* Being trustworthy - honouring the trust placed in the practitioner (fidelity)

* Autonomy - respect for the clients right to be self governing

* Beneficence - a commitment to promoting the client's well being

* Non Maleficence - a commitment to avoiding harm to the client

* Justice - the fair and impartial treatment of all clients and the provision of adequate services

* Self respect - fostering the practitioner's self knowledge and care of self

Personal Moral Qualities

* Empathy

* Sincerity

* Integrity

* Resilience

* Respect

* Humility

* Competence

* Fairness

* Wisdom

* Courage

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